Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Comp-Stache.

This might not be the most interesting to everyone, but hey! My blog, my stories! ;) So this is just one of those quirky things I wanted to document and remember.

A couple months ago I mentioned that Joey was growing the comp-stache. As a refresher, in Power School the "senior class" grows a mustache the last month or so of school until they take the comprehensive final---hence comp-stache. Some of the guys don't mind it, but for others, its the worst month ever. A few abandoned it before the final. Others stuck with it, but were literally in the bathroom at Power School, shaving their mustache off right after the test. And while Joey wasn't the biggest mustache fan, he stuck with it (and waited to come home before shaving it off!).

The before, in all it's glory
And of course Remy has to be as involved as possible. 
Joey uses a shaving brush. He's classy like that.
Gettin' to work!
And there's my handsome man!

I didn't really mind the mustache as much as I thought I might, but I will say I am happy to have my clean shaven stud back!

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