Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After The Storm.

Last week we had some sudden storm clouds roll in during the late afternoon---I mean it was like when the alien spaceship creeps over the city in Independence Day. Super dark and eerie. But after a few minutes of wind and rain, the clouds broke up and the darkness faded, and revealed the most stunning rainbow and sunset. I first noticed it outside our window and told Joey "we gotta go! come on get shoes on so we can get outside!" So down seven flights of stairs we ran, putting our shoes on as we went. Once we got outside I realized that my iPhone just wasn't going to cut it on this one, so I asked and my super sweet and giving husband obliged, to run back upstairs (again, we're on the seventh floor) and grab our new canon rebel. Isn't he the greatest?! He returned just in time for me to catch as much of this perfect rainbow as possible before it started to fade away.

If you look closely at the photo on the right you can see the double rainbow!

Though a fairly inconsequential experience, it was so fun to run outside and capture a fleeting yet beautiful event!

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