Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Curran is 18 Months!

Our little love bug is a year and a half old today! 

Its truly mind boggling how fast the last 18 months have gone, and how much Curran has grown. This time last year he was just a little shrimp with big round cheeks that scooted around the floor on his bum. Now he's 20lbs of joy, strong-will, love, and silliness. He runs and climbs and chats up a storm. He is so mischievous sometimes but he's also so loving and happy. He never fails to make us laugh---I can't get over some of the ridiculous things he does that just kill us, like his squinty French Stewart impression or attacking us with dozens of kisses. He loves cooking and as soon as we start working in the kitchen he pushes up a chair to the other side of the bar so he can watch and stir with his own little spatula and bowl. We're really excited to see how his interests and gifts develop as he grows older. His personality is already so full! And life with our little hurri-curran is only getting better and more wonderful. 

18 Month old Curran sure is on the move a lot, but I did get a couple photos that pretty much sum up our bright, happy, loving boy. 

 photo curran 18 months 01.jpg
[Curran gives us the BEST smiles. Can't live without them]
 photo curran 18 months 02.jpg
[He hung around for a couple minutes in exchange for the lens cap]
 photo curran 18 months 03.jpg  photo curran 18 months 04.jpg
[This kid has a funny awkward smile that he does sometimes (usually when people are trying to get him to do something) and it just cracks us up]
 photo curran 18 months 05.jpg  photo curran 18 months 06.jpg
[That hair. It grows way faster than I can keep up with it but boy, I love it]
 photo curran 18 months 07.jpg
[We are in the full toddler tantrum phase! He is one strong-willed kid which might be great later, but for now it leads to many meltdowns a day. This one started because I wouldn't let him put the lens cap on the camera. This is the life!]

Curran, my love bug, you are so awesome. Life is crazy with you sometimes, but we wouldn't imagine it any other way. We're so glad we get to see your cheesy, beautiful smile every day!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015.

Happy halloween from the Mad Hatter, Alice, and the White Rabbit!
 photo halloween 01.jpg  photo halloween 02.jpg  photo halloween 03.jpg  photo halloween 04.jpg  photo halloween 05.jpeg
We've got some not-so-crisp photos going' on here but I don't care because I don't stand a chance against Curran's grins. 
 photo halloween 06.jpg  photo halloween 07.jpg  photo halloween 08.jpg  photo halloween 09.jpg  photo halloween 10.jpg
We're keeping that hat forever because I'm not ever making another one.
 photo halloween 11.jpg
A little part of me wishes he could wear rabbit ears and a fluffy tail every day. I die. 

Now get out there and trick or treat yo' self!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Leaving Washington.

I've really been missing Washington a lot this week so even though it was two months ago, I decided I wanted to share some photos from our last day in the evergreen state and our last ferry ride to Seattle as we began our move to California.

 photo seattle ferry 01.jpg  photo seattle ferry 02.jpg
Curran and Remy making a good effort to tackle the windy ride.
 photo seattle ferry 03.jpg  photo seattle ferry 04.jpg
The wind turned out to be a bit much for Curran....
 photo seattle ferry 05.jpg
....and Remy.
 photo seattle ferry 06.jpg  photo seattle ferry 07.jpeg  photo seattle ferry 08.jpg  photo seattle ferry 09.jpg  photo seattle ferry 10.jpeg  photo seattle ferry 11.jpg  photo seattle ferry 12.jpg
Little man had so much fun walking Remy around the sun deck.
 photo seattle ferry 13.jpg  photo seattle ferry 14.jpg  photo seattle ferry 15.jpeg  photo seattle ferry 16.jpg  photo seattle ferry 17.jpg  photo seattle ferry 18.jpg  photo seattle ferry 19.jpg
checking out our view of Seattle and the Space Needle before bed

I'm glad we had one night in downtown to enjoy some of our favorite Seattle things (oh Rachel's Ginger Beer, my heart aches for you!) before saying goodbye. Washington really has a special place in our heart. I can't wait to visit---and I hope that its soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Camping at La Push

We are getting to down to our last days in Washington! Sixteen days from now we'll be saying goodbye to our home here and setting out on a new adventure. 

We had a list of things we wanted to do or see while in the PNW but since we're leaving over a year and a half before we planned, we had to whittle down that list to the bare minimum. Originally a visit to La Push got cut but after Joey took his scouts there for a campout the weekend before, we decided it was too beautiful to miss. So we repacked the tent and headed out for an overnight at the beach.

Camping at La Push was a different experience for me because you had to do about a mile hike to the beach, so whatever you needed, you had to be able to carry (and one of us had to carry Curran, so that left one pack to hold everything we needed for the three of us). No car-camping here--this was the most real deal, didn't even bring a toothbrush, bare bones camping I had ever done. But it was actually quite liberating! Its nice to leave behind every extra thing for a couple days. Its amazing what you can get by without.
 photo la push camping 01.jpg
 photo la push camping 02.jpeg
After getting to the beach we found a cozy spot to set up camp. We pitched a tent, found a stream of fresh water, and started dinner. Curran is a bit of a graham cracker fiend, so he was constantly begging Joey for one more.
 photo la push camping 03.jpg
 photo la push camping 04.jpg
 photo la push camping 05.jpg
After dinner it was all about exploring the beach. From the moment we got there, Curran was in heaven. Finding driftwood and stones, crawling over trees, digging in the sand....I'm not sure I've ever seen him so content or smile so much. He really was in his element, and it was such a joy to see him play and explore. 
 photo la push camping 06.jpeg
He probably indirectly ate half his weight in sand, but who cares? Let them be wild and happy.
 photo la push camping 07.jpg
 photo la push camping 08.jpg
Curran was also extra lovey. He wasn't afraid of the ocean but he wanted to hold our hands, and he spent about twenty minutes running back and forth between the two of us, giggling and giving us the biggest hugs his little body could give. Seriously the best.
 photo la push camping 09.jpg
 photo la push camping 10.jpg
 photo la push camping 11.jpg
 photo la push camping 12.jpg
 photo la push camping 13.jpg
 photo la push camping 14.jpg
 photo la push camping 15.jpg
 photo la push camping 16.jpg
 photo la push camping 17.jpg
Before we called it a day we enjoyed a stunning sunset and, of course, lots of s'mores.
 photo la push camping 18.jpg
Did I mention that this kid did absolutely fantastic on our campout? There were no major crying fits, he slept really well, he wasn't scared of the ocean, and there were no injuries or crises. It was awesome! 
 photo la push camping 19.jpg
After sleeping in and lounging around in the tent the next morning, we warmed up in the chilly weather with oatmeal and hot chocolate. And it was just the perfect morning. A beautiful beach, idyllic Washington weather, hot chocolate, my kid happily playing in the sand, and a hunk of a husband sitting next to me--what could be better?
 photo la push camping 20.jpg
 photo la push camping 21.jpeg
We packed up our things and then set out to explore the beach at low tide. We found too many jelly fish to count, infinite mussels, and lots of interesting seaweed. It was fun to point them out to Curran and watch him go "ooooh!" as we showed him something new. 
 photo la push camping 22.jpg
 photo la push camping 23.jpeg
 photo la push camping 24.jpg
 photo la push camping 25.jpg
 photo la push camping 26.jpeg
 photo la push camping 27.jpg
Seeing this little guy be free and happy exploring the world will be one of my favorite ways to think of him. There were so many reasons that we thought about not going, like rain (it rained our drive there and back, but never at the beach--can I get a hallelujah?!), timing with our coming move, work, Remy, etc etc., but I'm SO glad we did it and got to make those memories with our boy. We're really going to miss Washington, and this was a great memory to leave with.

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