Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Curran is 18 Months!

Our little love bug is a year and a half old today! 

Its truly mind boggling how fast the last 18 months have gone, and how much Curran has grown. This time last year he was just a little shrimp with big round cheeks that scooted around the floor on his bum. Now he's 20lbs of joy, strong-will, love, and silliness. He runs and climbs and chats up a storm. He is so mischievous sometimes but he's also so loving and happy. He never fails to make us laugh---I can't get over some of the ridiculous things he does that just kill us, like his squinty French Stewart impression or attacking us with dozens of kisses. He loves cooking and as soon as we start working in the kitchen he pushes up a chair to the other side of the bar so he can watch and stir with his own little spatula and bowl. We're really excited to see how his interests and gifts develop as he grows older. His personality is already so full! And life with our little hurri-curran is only getting better and more wonderful. 

18 Month old Curran sure is on the move a lot, but I did get a couple photos that pretty much sum up our bright, happy, loving boy. 

 photo curran 18 months 01.jpg
[Curran gives us the BEST smiles. Can't live without them]
 photo curran 18 months 02.jpg
[He hung around for a couple minutes in exchange for the lens cap]
 photo curran 18 months 03.jpg  photo curran 18 months 04.jpg
[This kid has a funny awkward smile that he does sometimes (usually when people are trying to get him to do something) and it just cracks us up]
 photo curran 18 months 05.jpg  photo curran 18 months 06.jpg
[That hair. It grows way faster than I can keep up with it but boy, I love it]
 photo curran 18 months 07.jpg
[We are in the full toddler tantrum phase! He is one strong-willed kid which might be great later, but for now it leads to many meltdowns a day. This one started because I wouldn't let him put the lens cap on the camera. This is the life!]

Curran, my love bug, you are so awesome. Life is crazy with you sometimes, but we wouldn't imagine it any other way. We're so glad we get to see your cheesy, beautiful smile every day!

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