Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhonography: September Lately

Hello friends,

So.....We're moving in 11 days! Which means blogging frequency has continued to go down. But things are coming along. I'm finishing up at my two jobs, the movers come in 6 days, and we're pretty sure we have a place to live, and though I'm stressed often (I just can't help it!), things are going to be ok--no, great! Even though the power school schedule is going to be INSANE, we're so excited to move and start a new part of our life. Plus, as Debra Sowell told me, I'm going to have a Costco, so its going to be awesome. We're definitely ready to live in a bigger city, that's for sure!

Anyways, here's life lately as we try to fit in as much Virginia goodness before we leave!

Mom + Amy visited so we took them to a VMI parade || My newest cousin, Jackson Tanner Crellin! || A very sleepy Marley || Yummy pear tomatoes || Outdoor date night to welcome in the cooler weather || Newtown Bakery mini-haul || Fruit leather making || Split Banana Gelato || hooray for Warhol soup cans || Last Trip to DC, including lunch at Cava + Georgetown Cupcake for a Chocolate PB Fudge || Pitango Gelato || Last trip to the DC LDS Temple || deliciousness from Cool Springs Organic Market

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Super 8 Wedding Film

Here's our charming super 8 film from our friends over at The Wedding Format!

|| you can check out our wedding photos from The Wedding Format here & here ||

Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Cap Toe Flats

Hello everyone! 
Boy, life just never stops being busy huh? And busy-ness inevitably leads to less blogging. One of the things that's kept me quite occupied is redesigning the blog for BMW Photography. Brinn Willis of BMW Photography took our engagement photos almost a year ago, and it was fun working with her again--this time to give her blog a facelift! It certainly was challenging, but I definitely learned a lot, and having this experience will really help me in my journey to become a bona-fide graphic designer. So head on over to her blog and check out my new work and her gorgeous photos!

Two weeks ago I did manage to finish a little DIY project to share however!

I'm sure you've seen some of these fun cap toe flats around lately, and now that fall is coming, its time to start strutting your stuff in some new shoes!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Back track to last month, and I picked up some nude canvas flats from Urban Outfitters for the upcoming fall season (something like this). Though I liked them, I thought they just needed a little more oomph. Since they were canvas, I realized they were perfect for painting!

So here's what ya do:

Grab a pair of plain flats (and ignore the creepy man's face on the newspaper). Especially if they aren't canvas, you'll want to go over them with a coat or two of primer. Measure to the middle point of the shoe and mark where you'd like the cap to end. Mark the same point on the other shoe. Now, you can either tape straight across the shoe, but I wanted a more rounded cap, so I free handed it on one shoe, measured that cap, then drew it again on the other.

Use painters tape to mark off the cap--make sure to press really well so that when you apply the paint, it won't seep through. Because I'm a major perfectionist, I taped off the sole of the shoe as well. Next, grab your choice of acrylic paint (I've also heard of doing it with spray paint or nail polish) and fill in the cap with an even coat.

Let the paint dry, then remove the tape carefully. You might have a couple spots where the paint seeped through like I did (no matter how hard I tried!), so you can use a small paint brush to touch up the edges.

I decided to add a thin stripe in another color. Again, just use a small paint brush to paint a thin line, touching up the edges of the cap. You could also use tape to create another line (after the first coat has dried, of course). Let them dry completely. Since mine were canvas, after they dried I also used some scotch guard to protect them from getting too dirty--and hopefully to keep them as long as I can!


There you are--A quick and easy DIY, and a lovely pair of cap toe flats!
Happy crafting!
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