Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"just whistle while you work"

well, turns out i broke my foot. at the age of 21, i have my first broken bone!
last week i twisted my foot during a performance of Annie Get Your Gun, but just wrapped it and kept going. it hurt during the week, but it was manageable. then, this past saturday, i was walking down the stairs and i missed a step, and of course, i caught myself on the same foot i twisted a week before. man was that painful! one of the coaches came and wrapped my foot so i could perform that night, and then the next day (sunday) i went to the ER to get it checked out. turns out that there is a fracture, but the interesting part is that the doctor said that the bones in my foot are jagged looking, like they are old and arthritic. basically, from all of the years of dancing i've done, i have the foot of a fifty year old! i thought that was pretty funny. but anyways...they gave me one of those booties, some crutches, and some vicodin and sent me home. i've been wearing the shoe thing, but walking with crutches is more of a pain than just walking on my own, so i don't bother with those.

since i got home i've been cleaning and organizing my parents' house a ton. for one, its just way too messy and cluttered for me. i don't know why, but it is so overwhelming for me to be in a messy space. but, besides that, i really just like cleaning and organizing! i know its weird, but i really, really do like to do it! plus, i've been finding lots of fun decorating projects, so i have tons of decorating and design ideas floating around in my mind--i know realistically, my decorating dreams will probably never come true, but it is fun to think about, and at least things will be clean around here!

Friday, June 4, 2010


so i absolutely love this picture. it was in an article i read about the world's oldest trees. its cool to think how much that tree has "experienced", or i guess how much has gone on around it. oh, the stories it could tell!

on another note, the gulf disaster is so terrible. i saw this slideshow and it made me so sad for those animals that are dying. my goal right now is to see what i can do to help. like, i legit want to go down there and help clean birds.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There Are Stranger Things...

wow, i never thought i would actually get a blog; i always just thought it was a strange idea...but after seeing some of my friends' blogs, i decided that having a blog might be nice--not for anyone else, but simply for me. I love finding fun photographs, crafts, recipes, art, facts, etc...but i usually just tuck them away in a random file on my macbook. But these are the kinds of things i want to share! so here's what i'm thinking: this little blog will be my way of "sharing" what i find, think up, see, taste, and love. it doesn't matter to me if anyone else reads this blog--the point of this isn't to be the most interesting, dramatic, or exciting blogger around--but i think it'll be nice to share things, even if its just between me, myself, and i.

and now (drum roll, please)..........my first bit:

so, i am in the production of Annie Get Your Gun at Southern Virginia University this summer. at first, i wasn't too interested in the whole wild west idea, but after researching vaudeville, wild west shows, and gibson girls, i am so intrigued. the gibson girls are my favorite--if i were alive in the 1880s, hands down i would be one!

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