Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There Are Stranger Things...

wow, i never thought i would actually get a blog; i always just thought it was a strange idea...but after seeing some of my friends' blogs, i decided that having a blog might be nice--not for anyone else, but simply for me. I love finding fun photographs, crafts, recipes, art, facts, etc...but i usually just tuck them away in a random file on my macbook. But these are the kinds of things i want to share! so here's what i'm thinking: this little blog will be my way of "sharing" what i find, think up, see, taste, and love. it doesn't matter to me if anyone else reads this blog--the point of this isn't to be the most interesting, dramatic, or exciting blogger around--but i think it'll be nice to share things, even if its just between me, myself, and i.

and now (drum roll, please)..........my first bit:

so, i am in the production of Annie Get Your Gun at Southern Virginia University this summer. at first, i wasn't too interested in the whole wild west idea, but after researching vaudeville, wild west shows, and gibson girls, i am so intrigued. the gibson girls are my favorite--if i were alive in the 1880s, hands down i would be one!

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