Wednesday, March 26, 2014

215 Days Down: Baby Update

Not that I've been super great about updating or taking photos, but I at least wanted to get one more in before we make our move to Washington!

Excuse my squinty, beyond sensitive eyes...

We're getting so close! Only 9 more weeks until little man arrives, though if you ask Joey he'll say we're expecting an early bird. 

Here's how things are going these days---

I'm really glad I worked so hard to get as many projects done as possible the last couple months not only because of our sudden cross country move, but also because the third trimester has hit me hard. All of a sudden I'm constantly exhausted from almost the moment I wake up. Nausea has returned again as well, but at least its sporadic. I also start to feel dizzy and out of breath if I sit in a chair for too long which means I can't sit at a sewing machine and work all day like I used to. My ligament pain is still pretty severe which is very frustrating because there are so many times that I can't do even the most basic things. I got a support band which offers intermittent relief so that's been nice, but I certainly won't miss that part of pregnancy. But even with the aches and pains (and how much harder they've made preparing to move), I still love this experience. Its a funny thing really; there's always something hurting but I can't wait to do it again!

Its been really fun to get a glimpse of his personality these past few weeks. We joke he's a bit of a prankster with a little dramatic streak in him. We had the contractions at 23-24 weeks which started and stopped without any explanation, and then the past two Sundays he would go long stretches without moving--we're talking hours here, which is really unusual for him. I'd drink ice water and coca cola, lay on my side, move him around a little, and I'd get nothin' from him. So off to L&D we would go to get hooked up to all the monitors, and sure enough, he'd be fine, just hanging out in there! I guess he just wanted to mess with mom and dad. We like to joke that he's very obedient and has simply been resting on the Sabbath. 

Well, I made it 28 weeks without comments on the size of my belly. *Sigh*, I'd say we had a good run. The first comment was "Are you sure its not twins?! You must be having twins." after explaining I still had 12 more weeks left at the time. And I'm always at a loss for words when someone asks a pregnant woman this--I mean, what do they expect you to say? "Yes, you're probably right, given your vast medical experience and your apparent supernatural power to know the contents of my uterus. I must be having multiples and I guess those doctors and ultrasounds just missed it. Thank you so much for letting me know--I've gotta go buy a second car seat!". Since then we've gotten a couple more "he's going to be such a big baby!" comments as well. Ironically, we're actually measuring a couple weeks behind---oh and remember how I'm barely over five feet tall? Prepubescent children have longer torsos than me. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. But where else do they expect the baby to go?---but big-baby-comments or not, he's looking healthy so we're happy!

But hey, redeeming moment: Joey and I were leaving the Naval Clinic a couple days ago and after I got in the car and Joey shut my door, a young mom who was loading her kids into the car next to us told Joey that he had a gorgeous wife and that I looked great. What a nice thing to say to a self conscious pregnant woman! So I was feeling pretty good after that, because the truth is women dress for the approval of other women, not men, but anyways…. Oh! and I passed my glucose test with flying colors so that was awesome news because I kinda had an irrational fear of failing it. Again, its the little victories. 

Well everyone, we've got the OK from my doctor to move across the country at this point in the pregnancy, but we certainly wouldn't mind some positive thoughts sent our way! I know its going to be pretty uncomfortable for me, and we'd also rather this little babe wait a few more weeks to make his debut. So any thoughts and well wishes are very much appreciated as we start this adventure!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Home is Where the Navy Sends You"

And the Navy is sending us to

Boy, the past couple days have been a liiiiiiittle crazy!

But first of all----

This guy. He just completed Prototype and it is such a weight off his shoulders. Prototype was much harder than we ever expected and we're so grateful that experience is over! I'm really proud of Joey and how hard he has worked to get through the program, and still managed to make sure I was taken care of. He really is super man, you guys.

So this moving thing…..we got our orders last Thursday night. 
We are moving Saturday. 
That's right. 
Nine days. 

We never thought we'd be moving so quickly and so soon, but that's military life for ya!
We're very excited for our upcoming adventure, despite how overwhelming its been to organize our move in essentially a week, and we're really going to miss the great people we've met in our ward here too. Because I'll be 31 weeks when we head out and we'll have Marley and Remy in tow we're going to take our time getting there with some visits with family and friends across the country----The Fleshmans on tour, coming to a city near you!

So get ready for us, Pacific Northwest, because the Fleshman's are comin' for ya!

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