Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almond Milk

last week i decided to finally try almond milk--i have always had good ol' fashioned cows milk, but i really wanted to try something new, especially after learning about all the health benefits of almond milk. So i brought my new purchase home, took a deep breath and took a sip.
And I LOVED it!!

it was so delicious. i got the vanilla flavor so it was a little sweeter--it almost tasted like melted amaretto ice cream. It was too sweet to drink a full glass, but i put it in cereal and i honestly think i like it better than regular milk in my cereal.

So, i whole heartedly recommend you buy a carton next time you're out at the grocery store and feeling a little adventurous, you won't regret it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


First of all, i decided that every tuesday, i want to start posting a favorite item of mine, or photograph, new blog, recipe, etc., and i'm going to call it 'The M List'--you know, how Oprah has 'The O List' for her favorite things!
plus, an old friend did tell me a few years ago that i was like the white Oprah...

One of my favorite things is my Hamsa necklace. The pendant is also called the Hand of Fatima, after the daughter of Muhammed. As I understand it, it has Muslim and Jewish significance, and is worn to defend against the powers of the evil eye. In Judaism, its a physical reminder to use all five senses to worship God.
I don't know why, but it just fascinates me. i absolutely love my necklace, and i love looking at the different pendants and images of them. i've seen some amazing tattoos--and i detest tattoos, so you know it must be pretty beautiful for me to like it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Labor Day in Washington DC

A couple weeks ago a few friends and I decided to go to DC for the day, in particular the zoo! these are just a couple fun photos from our little day trip.

this escalator in the metro is so long, it took 2:22 to get from top to bottom!

I loved the aquarium exhibits at the zoo!

this lion was pretty hungry, and definitely let everyone know it! he paced back and forth for a few minutes before sitting down in front of the door and roaring--it was the coolest!

one of my favorite spots--the WWII memorial. Last time i was there it was 10:30 at night, freezing, and pouring rain. obviously this time was much more enjoyable.

man oh man, life is just wonderful! even though there might be little bumps along the road, i have such a great life and Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond belief!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Would you believe saturday?

well, obviously i didn't get around to blogging on wednesday. i can't believe i even think about these things. but anyways...

life has been pretty great lately! lots of things to do, and a few bumps along the way, but really life is wonderful. Heavenly Fathers has blessed me so much!
one of these blessings is my new job! i am the graphic designer for the travel study program at SVU. i didn't even see it coming! i was just walking by the office and the director asked me if i wanted the job! its been great. lots of work, but lots of fun, and i can't wait to go on a couple trips!

however, one of the hard parts about being at school is not having my two dogs with me to snuggle and wag their little tails when i walk in the door after a long day. i am convinced that dogs are the perfect companion. they will do anything for you, always love you, and have the best personalities. nothing cheers me up after a rough day like my adorable babies.

Maddie Girl (this is how we find her sleeping most of the time)

Willie Man (he is one smart, energy filled dog!)

ahh, just a couple more months and i can snuggle with my babies once more!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tomorrow. tomorrow i will blog.

gross. i can't seem to accept the fact that i participate in blogging and facebook. its my love-hate relationship really. i don't even like talking about them in public. its just weird.
but i will admit, i get on here every other day to see what my friends and family have updated, and then i consider a new entry, but i currently seem to be at a loss for words, or anything worth using them on anyways. but i worked extra hard to get my homework done tonight so that tomorrow is free to work on my sculpture for art class (which i am petrified of, by the way) and and free to commit to a new, hopefully interesting post.
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