Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate (With the Bear On It)

Well! it has certainly been a long time! Life has been so busy and so wonderful! so many things have happened in the past month and i have been blessed with so much! i don't know what i did to deserve it all, but i am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who has given me everything.

Ok, so the first thing i couldn't be more grateful for this holiday season is my charming, smart, handsome, kind, and loving boyfriend, Joey. Joey goes to the Virginia Military Institute and we met in our student ward. he has brought me so much happiness these past couple months and has been just wonderful.

Second, one of my favorite things about christmas is the candy cane hot chocolate. ohhh so good! every year i have my mom peruse the aisles of my hometown walmart to find the individual packets of the candy can hot chocolate mix with the bear on the cover.

it really is the little things in life that bring so much joy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Foxy Blunt Greeting Cards

I stumbled upon a card company called Foxy Blunt this morning and think they are just the funnest cards I have seen. they match up a courteous, stereotypical greeting card with a quick punch. Love them! wish they weren't so expensive though...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Sculpture

For my sculpture class i've been researching book sculpture, and have come across some amazing things. Su Blackwell in the UK creates mind blowing pieces that are just too beautiful. One of my favorites of hers (though not from a book) is this installation piece:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mary Poppins

Well, i am two weeks late in has been crazy the past couple weeks! I have gone to monticello, New York City, and Washington DC all in the past ten days. What a life! most of my time was taken up by preparations for NYC--i work for travel study so i had to do some extra things for the trip besides getting my own things together. but...

NYC was AMAZING! at first i didn't like the hustle and bustle of the city, but by the end of the trip i was loving it and all of the amazing things i saw. I got to do and see things that some people will only read about in textbooks, like seeing the original Starry Night and going to the metropolitan opera.

so, on to my M List item. The friday i was there i saw Mary Poppins, with the original Mary and Bert. Holy Cow--it was the greatest thing i've ever seen!!! Mary Poppins pulled full floor lamps and plants out of her carpet bag and made a bed appear where there was none! In the big tap number, Step In Time, Bert tap dances on the ceiling. ON THE CEILING! it was so cool. and then at the end Mary Poppins flies right over the audience. I had tears welling up in my eyes i was so excited and happy. I loved every minute of it and hope to see it again. Simply wonderful! I whole heartedly recommend seeing it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Yes, my tuesday M List post is a day late, but i have a good excuse! i was at the Washington DC temple all day and spent the night shopping in DC (which was all fantastic by the way!).

Fall is here! its october, the air is getting chilly, the leaves are turning, and pumpkin and cinnamon can be smelled everywhere! this is my favorite time of year. i love wearing cardigans and scarves, going to football games, looking at the leaves, making pumpkin cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and going on hay rides. its the best! and of course, no fall would be complete without pumpkins....

These aren't your average carved pumpkins! i am loving this idea. what a cool way to decorate! i saw other photos of these lace cut pumpkins as elements in a fall wedding--and as someone who has entertained the idea of a future fall wedding with coppers and pumpkin orange, i couldn't be more excited for these!

below are some more photos of ornate pumpkins. happy fall!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Two in one Day??

yes, i am in fact blogging twice today. but i found this vase and thought it was just too cool to keep to myself!

how cool is that?! i absolutely love it. i hope target or ikea or something makes a cheaper version....

My General Conference Weekend

General Conference was this weekend, and boy was I excited. Its even better going to an LDS school because professors give us a break from homework, and everybody gets together and has potlucks and other fun activities in between sessions. General Conference weekend is the greatest!

....until this year.

saturday afternoon my housemates and I had a mexican dinner with lots of friends. it was so yummy and i was feeling so satisfied and ready to watch the second saturday session.
and then it began.
i was walking out the door and noticed my stomach was starting to hurt. by the time i got to the chapel i felt so sick! i went to the bathroom thinking i was going to throw up, but after 20 minutes of waiting over the toilet, i only felt even sicker. i went back to the chapel and tried to listen, but i only got halfway through one talk when i decided i needed to go home. mallory walked me home and luckily we have byu tv in our apartment so i could watch the rest, but i was too busy throwing up that i didn't really get to watch any of it.
the rest of the night i stayed curled up in a ball on the couch, just begging for the pain to go away and to stop getting sick! Man was it terrible. i hate throwing up! i seriously cry every time. and i threw up like 15 times! needless to say, many tears were shed.
thank goodness i was able to fall asleep and didn't get sick the rest of the night. i woke up sunday morning feeling tired and empty, but the pain had gone away, so i was so grateful! after taking it slow and munching on some crackers and sipping apple juice, i was able to eat an actual meal at dinner, and i think whatever was in my system is finally out. thank goodness!

BUT, my whole point in telling this story, is to share this:

my best friend Mallory made me a video to make me feel better, and it is quite possibly one of my favorite things ever. Your are the best, Mal!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almond Milk

last week i decided to finally try almond milk--i have always had good ol' fashioned cows milk, but i really wanted to try something new, especially after learning about all the health benefits of almond milk. So i brought my new purchase home, took a deep breath and took a sip.
And I LOVED it!!

it was so delicious. i got the vanilla flavor so it was a little sweeter--it almost tasted like melted amaretto ice cream. It was too sweet to drink a full glass, but i put it in cereal and i honestly think i like it better than regular milk in my cereal.

So, i whole heartedly recommend you buy a carton next time you're out at the grocery store and feeling a little adventurous, you won't regret it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


First of all, i decided that every tuesday, i want to start posting a favorite item of mine, or photograph, new blog, recipe, etc., and i'm going to call it 'The M List'--you know, how Oprah has 'The O List' for her favorite things!
plus, an old friend did tell me a few years ago that i was like the white Oprah...

One of my favorite things is my Hamsa necklace. The pendant is also called the Hand of Fatima, after the daughter of Muhammed. As I understand it, it has Muslim and Jewish significance, and is worn to defend against the powers of the evil eye. In Judaism, its a physical reminder to use all five senses to worship God.
I don't know why, but it just fascinates me. i absolutely love my necklace, and i love looking at the different pendants and images of them. i've seen some amazing tattoos--and i detest tattoos, so you know it must be pretty beautiful for me to like it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Labor Day in Washington DC

A couple weeks ago a few friends and I decided to go to DC for the day, in particular the zoo! these are just a couple fun photos from our little day trip.

this escalator in the metro is so long, it took 2:22 to get from top to bottom!

I loved the aquarium exhibits at the zoo!

this lion was pretty hungry, and definitely let everyone know it! he paced back and forth for a few minutes before sitting down in front of the door and roaring--it was the coolest!

one of my favorite spots--the WWII memorial. Last time i was there it was 10:30 at night, freezing, and pouring rain. obviously this time was much more enjoyable.

man oh man, life is just wonderful! even though there might be little bumps along the road, i have such a great life and Heavenly Father has blessed me beyond belief!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Would you believe saturday?

well, obviously i didn't get around to blogging on wednesday. i can't believe i even think about these things. but anyways...

life has been pretty great lately! lots of things to do, and a few bumps along the way, but really life is wonderful. Heavenly Fathers has blessed me so much!
one of these blessings is my new job! i am the graphic designer for the travel study program at SVU. i didn't even see it coming! i was just walking by the office and the director asked me if i wanted the job! its been great. lots of work, but lots of fun, and i can't wait to go on a couple trips!

however, one of the hard parts about being at school is not having my two dogs with me to snuggle and wag their little tails when i walk in the door after a long day. i am convinced that dogs are the perfect companion. they will do anything for you, always love you, and have the best personalities. nothing cheers me up after a rough day like my adorable babies.

Maddie Girl (this is how we find her sleeping most of the time)

Willie Man (he is one smart, energy filled dog!)

ahh, just a couple more months and i can snuggle with my babies once more!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tomorrow. tomorrow i will blog.

gross. i can't seem to accept the fact that i participate in blogging and facebook. its my love-hate relationship really. i don't even like talking about them in public. its just weird.
but i will admit, i get on here every other day to see what my friends and family have updated, and then i consider a new entry, but i currently seem to be at a loss for words, or anything worth using them on anyways. but i worked extra hard to get my homework done tonight so that tomorrow is free to work on my sculpture for art class (which i am petrified of, by the way) and and free to commit to a new, hopefully interesting post.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love grocery shopping

i went grocery shopping the other day and found this extraordinary fruit! i had always liked dragon fruit juice but never knew what the fruit looked like--now i know!
i am just in love with the color. isn't it amazing that something so vibrant and saturated could be naturally produced?! who needs artificial coloring!

if you've never tried one, i definitely recommend it. it has a texture kind of similar to watermelon, and the seeds are soft and don't get stuck in your teeth. i just cut it in half and ate it with a spoon right out of the skin like a kiwi. yum!

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Her voice, its like Buttah"

in utah my aunt and uncle introduced me to a movie called What's Up Doc?. i wasn't too sure about the young Barbra Streisand, but after watching it i can say that it was so funny and quick witted, i loved it! since then i've been on a Bab's kick and have been watching lots of her early movies like The Way We Were and Funny Girl. i never really cared for her contemporary work, but i had no idea what a comedic genius she is! her characters were wonderful.
i've also been getting in to late 60s and early 70s style makeup and hair, and boy did she have the look! i think she was absolutely gorgeous. i don't know why, but i love the combination of her nose and facial structure with the thick eyeliner and eyelashes. weird to notice, i know, but i wish i could wear my makeup like that these days!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Major Blessings

well, first let me say that Heavenly Father is absolutely amazing and is always blessing me even if i don't deserve it.

the past couple weeks have been pretty difficult. my dad and his sister pretty much ripped me apart when i told them about joining the peace corps. they were so not happy with me...with my dad its nothing new really; unless i join the air force he honestly isn't proud of or happy with anything i do. they also began to bash on temples and temple marriages, so i know that that is another battle down the road.
i love my dad, but i really hate that he knows nothing about me and we have nothing in common. truly we are night and day. it makes me sad. i wish i could talk to him about things, and tell him about things im excited about, or have him give me a blessing, or talk about the gospel, but he doesnt take me seriously and mocks almost everything i do. its a shame really.
without going into the nasty details, im having a hard time at home. often i feel like i don't fit in, that im just different. i feel alone alot.

the past few days ive been praying so hard for God to soften my heart towards my family, but to also help ease the pain and sadness i feel. ive been praying for friends that i can turn to when i need a break (for the past three years i have spent summer virtually alone; i dont have any old friends from high school and only acquaintances from church).
God answered my prayers, and people from my stake that i knew in high school began talking to me and inviting me to things. i was so grateful, but at the same time, it was a little tough...i mean i hadn't seen them in years so i didn't have much to talk to them about, i don't go to BYU like the rest of them, which comes up more than you would think..., and i just noticed that i wasn't meshing with them as well as i do with people at SVU. i wanted to participate and have friends so badly, but it was a bigger adjustment than i thought.
i continued to pray for help, and God didn't give up on me and continued to bless me. several times this week when i really needed a friend or someone to ask me to sit with them at church when i was alone, someone was there. it happened at church today and i just sat there repeating in my head, "thank you, thank you, thank you".

I don't know if any of this made sense, but after this week i have seen that Heavenly Father is so loving and is blessing my life constantly. i also learned however, that if we ask for something and He gives it to us, we cannot refuse that gift when its presented. If i pray for just one friend, and someone comes along and invites me to something, i can't say no. like i said, its an adjustment, but if i have faith to consider asking for help, i've got to have faith that what God has suggested or given to me will work.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspiration of Various Kinds

 My aunt jenny gave me a book to read called Three Cups of Tea. its about a man that was mountain climbing and got lost, ending up in a remote village in pakistan. he saw the children drawing the in the snow with sticks in an attempt to teach themselves. at that moment, Greg Mortenson decided to dedicate himself to building schools in these villages in pakistan, and eventually afghanistan. it was an amazing book! he also makes the case that alot of the problems in the middle east and the conflict between americans and arabs could be alleviated by building schools, especially for girls, and educating the children, so that they have another option in life besides joining extremists. so cool!

well this book got me to i am in america, lazing around on summer vacation, when there is clearly so much that needs to be done in this world. i decided i really do want to make a difference with my life. some how the idea of the Peace Corps popped in to my head, so i did some research....i came upon their masters international program, which is basically a partnership with various masters schools and the peace corps, that allows people to get their masters degree and serve in the peace corps in a foreign country, with many, many benefits.

could this be any more perfect for me?! i was so excited, i felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. i know it would be alot of work, and i still have a few months before i would need to begin the application process, but this is something i really want to do. for the past few months, every time i research future jobs or careers, i feel like im just looking for whats going to get me a job and keep a roof over my head--obviously, very important, but nothing i was really passionate about. but this is such an exciting opportunity! i would get to serve others and get a degree, and have real life experience in a career field. gosh, i couldn't be more excited!

second, i discovered a
sewing website that has super cheap patterns, and even some free ones! i just found this free skirt pattern that is perfect for some fabric i bought last year. can't wait to get started!

the Kesia skirt i am going to attempt--hope it turns out!

Monday, July 19, 2010

long time, no see

well! its been a while. i was in utah for a little over a month and decided to just focus on doing family things instead...but now im back in humid ohio, and rather than going outside and sweating to death, i have decided to catch up on blogs, books, and sewing projects!

first, i found this photograph that i just love!

so cool. i just love elephants!

second, i've just gotta say that Heavenly Father had really blessed me the past few days.
last week, i was driving home to AF from visiting my old roommate in bountiful, and got horribly lost. well apparently, whilst getting lost, i ended up going 45 in a 30. so i got pulled over, and at first i was in complete shock, i couldn't believe it happened! and i was so upset because it was a complete accident, i got lost, going down a steep hill, on a five lane road (what kind of five lane road has a 30mph speed limit?!), and there was no speed sign on the section of road i was on. gah, just a horrible combination! thankfully, the officer didn't give me a ticket, which would have been around $300--$300 i didn't have.
next, i knew i had rent to pay for my apartment this fall, but didn't put two and two together until now to realize that i wouldn't get my scholarship refund money until september, when my rent is way past due! i was freaking out, because if i didn't have that apartment i would have nowhere to live.again, by a huge blessing, the land lady said i can pay once i get my refund, and not to worry about it! so thats another $500 or so that i dont have to worry about! boy, i am so grateful!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"just whistle while you work"

well, turns out i broke my foot. at the age of 21, i have my first broken bone!
last week i twisted my foot during a performance of Annie Get Your Gun, but just wrapped it and kept going. it hurt during the week, but it was manageable. then, this past saturday, i was walking down the stairs and i missed a step, and of course, i caught myself on the same foot i twisted a week before. man was that painful! one of the coaches came and wrapped my foot so i could perform that night, and then the next day (sunday) i went to the ER to get it checked out. turns out that there is a fracture, but the interesting part is that the doctor said that the bones in my foot are jagged looking, like they are old and arthritic. basically, from all of the years of dancing i've done, i have the foot of a fifty year old! i thought that was pretty funny. but anyways...they gave me one of those booties, some crutches, and some vicodin and sent me home. i've been wearing the shoe thing, but walking with crutches is more of a pain than just walking on my own, so i don't bother with those.

since i got home i've been cleaning and organizing my parents' house a ton. for one, its just way too messy and cluttered for me. i don't know why, but it is so overwhelming for me to be in a messy space. but, besides that, i really just like cleaning and organizing! i know its weird, but i really, really do like to do it! plus, i've been finding lots of fun decorating projects, so i have tons of decorating and design ideas floating around in my mind--i know realistically, my decorating dreams will probably never come true, but it is fun to think about, and at least things will be clean around here!

Friday, June 4, 2010


so i absolutely love this picture. it was in an article i read about the world's oldest trees. its cool to think how much that tree has "experienced", or i guess how much has gone on around it. oh, the stories it could tell!

on another note, the gulf disaster is so terrible. i saw this slideshow and it made me so sad for those animals that are dying. my goal right now is to see what i can do to help. like, i legit want to go down there and help clean birds.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There Are Stranger Things...

wow, i never thought i would actually get a blog; i always just thought it was a strange idea...but after seeing some of my friends' blogs, i decided that having a blog might be nice--not for anyone else, but simply for me. I love finding fun photographs, crafts, recipes, art, facts, etc...but i usually just tuck them away in a random file on my macbook. But these are the kinds of things i want to share! so here's what i'm thinking: this little blog will be my way of "sharing" what i find, think up, see, taste, and love. it doesn't matter to me if anyone else reads this blog--the point of this isn't to be the most interesting, dramatic, or exciting blogger around--but i think it'll be nice to share things, even if its just between me, myself, and i.

and now (drum roll, please) first bit:

so, i am in the production of Annie Get Your Gun at Southern Virginia University this summer. at first, i wasn't too interested in the whole wild west idea, but after researching vaudeville, wild west shows, and gibson girls, i am so intrigued. the gibson girls are my favorite--if i were alive in the 1880s, hands down i would be one!

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