Monday, July 19, 2010

long time, no see

well! its been a while. i was in utah for a little over a month and decided to just focus on doing family things instead...but now im back in humid ohio, and rather than going outside and sweating to death, i have decided to catch up on blogs, books, and sewing projects!

first, i found this photograph that i just love!

so cool. i just love elephants!

second, i've just gotta say that Heavenly Father had really blessed me the past few days.
last week, i was driving home to AF from visiting my old roommate in bountiful, and got horribly lost. well apparently, whilst getting lost, i ended up going 45 in a 30. so i got pulled over, and at first i was in complete shock, i couldn't believe it happened! and i was so upset because it was a complete accident, i got lost, going down a steep hill, on a five lane road (what kind of five lane road has a 30mph speed limit?!), and there was no speed sign on the section of road i was on. gah, just a horrible combination! thankfully, the officer didn't give me a ticket, which would have been around $300--$300 i didn't have.
next, i knew i had rent to pay for my apartment this fall, but didn't put two and two together until now to realize that i wouldn't get my scholarship refund money until september, when my rent is way past due! i was freaking out, because if i didn't have that apartment i would have nowhere to live.again, by a huge blessing, the land lady said i can pay once i get my refund, and not to worry about it! so thats another $500 or so that i dont have to worry about! boy, i am so grateful!

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