Monday, August 16, 2010

"Her voice, its like Buttah"

in utah my aunt and uncle introduced me to a movie called What's Up Doc?. i wasn't too sure about the young Barbra Streisand, but after watching it i can say that it was so funny and quick witted, i loved it! since then i've been on a Bab's kick and have been watching lots of her early movies like The Way We Were and Funny Girl. i never really cared for her contemporary work, but i had no idea what a comedic genius she is! her characters were wonderful.
i've also been getting in to late 60s and early 70s style makeup and hair, and boy did she have the look! i think she was absolutely gorgeous. i don't know why, but i love the combination of her nose and facial structure with the thick eyeliner and eyelashes. weird to notice, i know, but i wish i could wear my makeup like that these days!

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