Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Six Months Old!

My goodness, I can't believe our little small fry is six months old today!
 Curran is a whole bunch of fun these days. He's laughing more and making new sounds every day, which you can tell he's pretty dang proud of. This morning he just started scooting around by pushing up on his head, rolling backward a couple inches, then thumping his bum down on the ground, resetting, and doing it all over again. He has definitely kept me on my toes today! He's also getting better at sitting up on his own and is rolling like a champ.
 This little guy has become a big fan of mom and dad's food and is always reaching for what we've got. He's tried cooked sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and little nibbles of yogurt, and has been quite amused and is very enthusiastic about trying more. Joey's been waiting to give him solids practically since the day he was born, so he's pretty jazzed about it too. 
 Curran is still the biggest, most sociable flirt I've ever seen. Every woman is his number one girl and every man is his best bud. Even if he was crying for me five seconds ago, he will flash a smile for anyone who simply looks at him. He has his cranky moments like any other baby, but he really is such a happy, loving little boy.
 [And how freaking adorable are itty bitty baby suspenders? I die.]
Even Remy loves him too ;)

We love you little man and can't wait for the next six months with you, cutie pie!

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