Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pregnancy + Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

This morning Curran got to "meet" his older brother.
I'm so glad he'll always have this bear to snuggle and play with and love.

I've really been missing Baby M lately. I wonder what our family would be like with him here, what he'd be exploring and learning, what little quirks he'd have. He'd be one this New Years Eve. 

Its been almost a year and a half since we lost little Baby M, and now we have our sweet, spunky Curran in our arms. But we'll always love, miss, and remember our first baby boy.

Since Mothers Day 2013 when we lost him, I've had several friends go through pregnancy and infant loss as well. I think of them today too. Some have become pregnant again, some have not. No matter our individual stories, no matter if we have children on this earth right now, we're all mothers and fathers to babies, to angels. 

I'll be lighting a candle at 7pm to remember Baby M and to show my love for all those families who hold babies in their hearts but not in their arms. It will join the wave of light that will reach across the world as thousands of families like ours, as well as the friends and loved ones that support them, light candles in honor of their angels. 

Mommy, Daddy, and your little brother, Curran love you so much, sweet babe. 


If you'd like a very special way to remember your angel baby, please consider donating to The Littlest Feet, a project created by my friend, Brittany, to remember her darling Abby.

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