Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beach Day With Remy!

Last month we took a trip to the beach at Isle of Palms and decided to take Remy along with us!

I was nervous how it was going to go, especially since she has some excitement/submission issues and pees nearly every time she sees a new person, but that pup did so great! Not once did she have an accident, she barely let out a peep, and all of the people and the loud rush of the waves hardly phased her. Remy loved pattering along the beach and digging in the sand. She would also try to catch in her mouth the water that flung up from her floppy feet as she walked along the edge of the waves. 

We had lots of people talk to us about our little wiener dog---some people were so surprised to see a dachshund puppy strutting around the beach that they would take photos of her as we walked by!

Admittedly, sometimes the strong breeze was a little much for this pup and her ears!
And what's beach day without a dip in the ocean? Lucky for miss Remy there was a little depression in the beach that created a wading pool of sorts, and Remy got to take her maiden voyage and show off her doggy-paddle skills! As you can see below, I'm one proud mama. But please ignore my overly encouraging baby voice...

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  1. She is soooooooooooo cute!!!! Love the swimming video, I love it when they paddle it is so cute! We went to that same beach when we visited Charleston over a month ago!


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