Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Think New England Will Be Good to Us

We are having a nice time here so far. Sure, there was the usual anxiety of being in a new place, and sure, we ran in to some complications with me staying here with Joey. Sometimes it amazes me how short on common sense an employer can be. But anyway.... And yes, we (but a lot more me) miss our Remy and Marley back in Charleston. But I think this little trip north is shaping up to be quite delightful. I'm hearkening back to my dorm-living days and figuring out what a girl who loves to cook can make for dinner out of a hotel room with nothing more than a microwave and mini-fridge, but so far I think I've satisfied my husband's appetite. We've already dug in to some New England seafood, including hot lobster rolls and oysters on the half shell ( plus, I've now ventured on to raw oysters!), and it looks like walking around the little village of Mystic will be one of our favorite activities. Our first weekend trip to New York City is already scheduled and we're looking forward to a couple more excursions to the Big Apple and Boston as well. And here's to hoping for a boating trip too!

The past couple days I've been going through photos from the last several weeks and I am now aware that I have many, many more photos to share than I previously thought. so bear with me as I catch up from as far back as the last week of April!

1 comment:

  1. Have tons of fun Meg, I am totally jealous being stuck in hot, hot Arizona!!

    Raven J.


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