Friday, June 28, 2013

You Guys, I Miss My Dog.

Can we talk about how much I miss this gorgeous girl? As much as Joey and are loving our time in Connecticut, its just not the same without our fur babies. And yes, I do love Marley so, so much, but there's a reason dogs are man's best friend. Remy has been so good for me as I've gone through doctors appointments and tests and needles and heartbreak. She's always been there to snuggle with me and I think she really does know when I'm sad and need a little puppy kiss. She really is part of the family. And this pup has one heck of a personality. She has so many little quirks that make us laugh or make our hearts melt and I just can't imagine our little family without her. I mean just look at that face---how sweet and spirited is she! While I never want to leave New England I like it so much, I'll be beyond excited to be reunited with my puppy in August.

Annnnnd, I've mentioned to some friends that Remy has this one particular quirk. You see, when she is tired or cuddled up or perhaps just plain bored, on her paw. Yes, just like a child sucking on it's thumb, Remy sucks her paw, and I finally got it on camera. My favorite part of this video is, after she's finished she looks away bashfully then back at me as if to say "what? I'm not doing anything weird". That silly pup!

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