Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Spontaneous Easter Breakfast

Joey and I love easter egg dying but unfortunately we both hate eating hard boiled eggs, and I just couldn't justify wasting eggs just to dye them. So we decided to skip that tradition this year.

However this morning we had a little extra time to make homemade pancakes for breakfast, and we figured--Hey! We're already eating gluten, why not toss in a little artificial food coloring too and make easter pancakes!

I will say that we loved these pancakes the most of any batch we've made--maybe it was swapping the vegetable oil and milk for coconut oil and almond milk--delish!
And of course, just a little snuggle time with the fur balls before heading off to work.

So, lets talk about that mustache.
For those wondering where on earth that came from---Joey's class at power school is now the senior class and the next one to graduate (hooray!), and its tradition that the senior class grows a mustache---called a "comp-stache"---until they take their comprehensive final just prior to graduating. And you can trust me when I say that he wouldn't be growing it if it wasn't for the tradition. He's one week in and so far he's not too fond of it!

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