Monday, March 18, 2013

A Weekly Moment of Food Weakness

Joey and I are still sticking with our modified paleo diet (I call it "modified paleo" because that's much easier to get out than "no gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or processed foods") six days a week as best we can, but....

One night a week we just say "forget this!" and indulge in some of our old favorites. 
This time, it was wood-fired pizza at EVO.

And even though our bodies felt awful and our stomachs hurt terribly the next morning from the dairy and gluten, my pesto, mushroom and havarti pizza and Joey's Pork Trifecta were cheesy, crusty, bubbly moments of mouth-watering bliss.


  1. OH! We love EVO! Have you tried the pistachio pizza? My favorite!

  2. Check out Grimaldi's in Mt. Pleasant, also yummy!


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