Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Weekend in Richmond

To finish up our week together before school really got going and we got back to the grind stone, Joey and I went to Richmond last Saturday for the Virginia State YoYo Competition.  You might remember that I took him to this competition last year as an early birthday present to him, so it was great fun to go again.

Before the competition, Joey went out with his friend, Luke, to shoot some video for Joey's sponsor at Belle Isle, a little island in the James River. Apparently it used to be a Civil War quarry and POW camp. Now its a park with lots of neat things to see and do. I went along just for kicks.

Which, included climbing some rock walls. I could've gone higher too, if I had a harness and wasn't wearing jeans. ;)

And how do you get to an island in the middle of a river? A super freaky bridge. Ok ok, I suppose its a normal bridge, but I am not a big fan of them--I stopped once to take a picture, felt it moving because of the highway above it, and I booked it to the other end and didn't stop speed walking until I was on solid ground again.

After a little Panera action for lunch, Joey competed. The competition was tough this year, but Joey had a great time and really enjoyed seeing his yoyo friends again.

And check out this awesome photo someone at the competition snapped of Joey during his run! Joey definitely performs up there!

We finished off the day with a stop in Midlothian to pick up Joey's wedding band (which is totally rockin, by the way), a visit to Short Pump, and a late dinner at House of Vietnam, which was a huge blessing! Joey and I were so hungry, didn't know where to eat, couldn't find any healthy yet affordable options, it was getting late...and we found the Vietnamese place tucked away in a little corner of a strip mall--an act of mercy!

I guess I'd say that the fun of the day ended on our way home from Richmond when, completely exhausted, we had to pull over and take a 30 minute nap in a Waffle House parking lot. We're classy like that. But no worries, we made it home safe and sound!

So now its back to school, and all that it entails...

But hey, we get married in 4 months and 3 days!

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