Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joey!

January 25th will forever be one of my favorite days, because that's the day my sweetheart was born. And without him, life wouldn't be nearly as wonderful. 

Some Things I Love About Joey
his smile and those dimples.
his cowlick. I just like the way his hair looks.
his happy disposition. Even before I knew him I noticed it.
he likes the same, relatively obscure bands as me.
his love for ethnic food and trying new things.
how he always makes sure I'm taken care of first, even when he could use some TLC too.
he loves the gospel so much.
he can't wait to be a daddy.
he shares my affinity for dachshunds.
he knows his denim.
the way his eyes light up when I meet him at VMI.
he loves the office and arrested development as much as I do.
he is incredibly kind.
he's got mad yo-yo skills.
he'd do anything to protect me.
he's one smart cookie.
he makes me want to be better.
he loves me. 
he is quick to forgive me.
he supports me and my goals.
any time we are at a store and they ask if we want to donate a dollar to some charity, he always says yes.
he puts up with my dumb-girl moments.
he's simply the sweetest, most thoughtful, and sincere man I know.

and he's a total stud.

Happy birthday, my darling. You truly are the greatest. You've brought inexpressible joy to my life, and I'm so lucky to have you for the rest of forever. 

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