Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Week With My Sweetheart, Pt. 2

So to finish our week together...

I had a Groupon for the Visulite theater in Lynchburg and SVU was doing an ice skating trip for new student orientation in Lynchburg as well. Since anyone could go ice skating, Joey and I decided to make a day of it. First, we saw Sherlock Holmes 2 at the Visulite, then went to A Taste of Philly for a couple cheese steaks--which was perfect, because both of us had been craving them all week!

Then we hit the ice at Liberty University! Neither of us had been ice skating in quite a while, but Joey proved to be a natural pro. I on the other hand, took a while to warm up on the ice and feel confident--and I did really well too, until I fell in the last half hour that we were there!

Since I paid for the Groupon months ago (which included two tickets to any movie, two drinks, and endless popcorn), and the ice skating and skates were free, we only spent 15 dollars on our day trip to Lynchburg! Needless to say, we were feeling quite proud.

Just one last update coming -- the wrap up to our lovely week together!

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