Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog Love + A Fun Project for You!

Well friends, this just made my day:

Joey showed me a post on another blog that had a little bit about me and my hairpiece tutorial from a few weeks ago! The blog is Dear McKenzie by Mariah Poyzer, and she and her husband, Dave, are good friends with Joey. Dave, the man behind The Wedding Format, will be shooting our wedding in May--and have I mentioned yet that I'm totally excited for that fact? Cuz I definitely am.

Well, Mariah used my tutorial to make some darling headbands for her nieces for Christmas--and buttered me up with some very sweet comments!

photo by Mariah Poyzer

I've had a few other individuals tell me that they've used my tutorial to create fun accessories as well. And all of this got me to thinkin'.....What if everyone sent me a photo of their creations, and we can have a totally rad, mega inspiration post?

Now, this only works if people get into it, so, here's all that you have to do:
In the next week or two, take a photo of your project made with my fabric hairpiece tutorial (or perhaps you want to share another fun method or technique, that's totally cool too), email it to me at (along with anything you might like to say about your piece), and I will put together a fun post sharing everyone's projects!

Sound good? Great!

Let's get to it!

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