Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Monday Wing Night

When my awesome friend, Jenna, and I figured out that Macados had a wing night every Monday night, it soon became a tradition--in fact, I even spent last year's Valentines Day at Macados with a couple girlfriends because Joey was a second and couldn't leave VMI on a Monday night. Naturally I started going to wing night with Joey, and now its something fun we like to do every once in a while, especially since he is now a first classman so he can go out on Monday nights. The spicy thai wings and a cookie and cream milkshake hit the spot last night.

I love this boy. 

And I don't even care that this is sub par quality. I love being a goober with him.

All I can say is, I hope my belly enjoyed having its craving for spicy thai wings satisfied, because it won't be seeing much more of it the rest of the semester!

And hey! don't forget to email me your fabric hairpieces for our mega inspiration post! I've gotten a couple now and they look fantastic!

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