Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Newest Accessory

Its been about a month since I left my job and I've had so much more time to work on projects and to-do's that I've been pushing to the ends of my lists for months, and one of those projects was whipping up a new wallet!

While I loved my first Vera Bradley wallet (thanks, Mom!), it was getting pretty grungy and a tad worse for the wear. Plus, I wanted something a little bigger that I could stick a little journal, iPhone, lipstick, etc in, so I could have everything in one place.

Ok ok, I get that it sounds like I just need a purse. 
But here's the thing: I hate purses. I never really used one until my senior year of high school, and even then I usually just took my wallet and phone out and left the rest behind. Even in college, the only time I distinctly remember using one was when I went to Italy for two weeks and needed a purse to carry everything I'd need each day while we were out and about. And even then I just borrowed the purse from my roommate. 

I mean I like purses (I've actually been eyeing a couple Kate Spade bags lately...), but I hate having to use one, lugging it around and never using half the things in it. Instead, I just like to have a little clutch wallet that I can stick a few necessities in, wrap around my wrist, and go!

So having a little wristlet/clutch/wallet/whatever-you-call-it works perfect for me. 
I reused the hardware from the Vera Bradley wallet, added some slots for IDs and cards, and made it a little larger so I can stick my moleskine "life book"in it---so now I always have my journal, calendar, menu plans, grocery lists, and anything else I could ever need right with me---and still with my hands free from carrying it all!

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