Monday, April 29, 2013

Charleston Farmers Market

Last summer one of my favorite things to do was stop by the Lexington Farmers Market on Wednesday mornings. Well, as much as I love and miss Virginia and the Lexington area, I'm sorry to say that the Charleston Farmers Market has them beat!

A couple weeks ago we thought we' head down to the peninsula to check out the market on the first day of the season--we had no idea what we were in for! There were fantastic vendors with great produce, a homemade soda stand (we tried the grapefruit + elderberry), lots of homemade pickles and salsas, musicians playing, bouncy castles and pony rides for the kids, and delish food stands for lunch. It was like a little mini festival!

That pink castle-esque building in the background used to be the old Citadel but is now an Embassy Suites!
 Gyros--be still, my heart!
 And a meal isn't complete without a Nutella and toasted coconut crepe for dessert!
 Oh, annnnd we also pigged out on some sweet and salty kettle corn
love that Charleston architecture

We walked away with full bellies and a full bag of tomatoes for homemade pasta sauce, corn, peppers,  a great cacao nib steak rub, and some beautiful beets (which neither of us had ever tried) which we used to make beet and goat cheese paninis later that week. A simple shopping trip for vegetables turned out to be one of the best dates Joey and I have had. I suppose this southern city is growing on me ;)

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  1. We are going to Charleston in a couple weeks with my parents! So excited! I love Farmer's markets too, this one looks pretty amazing!


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