Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Graduated Once

That's right folks, I graduated from Southern Virginia University yesterday. After five years and two majors, I'm finally done. While it wasn't a surreal experience for me (I definitely wasn't one of the students saying 'pinch me, this isn't real!'), I sure am glad I made it, and it definitely feels nice to have accomplished that goal. And even though I could've graduated last year, I'm glad I stayed a fifth year and got to learn what I did (from great experiences and not-so-great experiences). And of course, I wouldn't trade my extra year with Joey for anything.

While I listened to the speakers at graduation, I did think about my past five years at SVU and kind of watched my life as a super fast movie. And If there's anything I've learned from my experience, its that God definitely knows me and cares about me and my future. The random scholarship award that got me interested in the school, my last minute vocal audition that got me another scholarship, the good relationships with faculty members, the wards I was in, the proximity to VMI, all the special people that I met along the way---everything in the past five years has worked out so wonderfully and has helped make me who I am and what my life is like now. Everybody has a different idea of how God acts in our lives, but for me, I know He had an active hand in guiding me through everything, from my initial decision to check out the school, through each year that led me to this point. I never would've thought that I'd end up here, but boy am I glad I did. SVU really has been great for me for so many reasons, and I hope the university continues to grow and succeed so others can have equally great and life changing experiences as well.

Despite the fact that it rained half way through graduation (did I mention the ceremony is outside?), it was a great morning and I'm glad my family and Joey (my biggest cheerleader of all) were able to come and share it with me.

So, now its on to packing, cleaning, and then moving in to our new apartment (hopefully tomorrow), finishing up all the wedding stuff I physically can (with the help of Joey and good friends), and tying the knot in 18 days!
I know I know, its absolutely nuts that its finally so close--and that I've (almost) managed to live through an 11 month engagement to tell the tale!

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