Thursday, April 12, 2012

iPhonography: Life Lately

Dolcezza gelato in Bethesda
- Met Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell when he came to VMI
- Found a daffodil with at least six stamen--it was like six daffodils in one!
- Easter bunnies at the pet store!
- Mom came down to do the alterations of my wedding dress
- A great find: Rita's Crepes in Bethesda
- Fresh Donuts from the new local restaurant Pure Eats
- Homework, paper writing, and more paper writing....
- A sleeping pug with a face only a mother could love
- The concourse at the National Gallery in DC--which had a stellar Picasso Drawing exhibit!
- A sunny spring lunch at the Blue Sky
- A chocolate dipped apricot from Cocoa Mill - divine!


This time in five weeks we will be married! Oh happy day, its getting so close! 

And in the mean time, I graduate in two weeks and then move into our new apartment, then I get three weeks to make it nice and homey before the wedding and Joey joins me. With most of my papers and projects done, school is winding down, which frees up more time to finish wedding stuff. Joey's also gearing up for the end of the semester and finishing his capstone project for his Mechanical Engineering major. Last week he also got his ensign bars (photos coming soon) which will be pinned on when he commissions! So proud of him. And I had a fun time at my first Navy Dining Out--my first of many events as an officer's wife (gee, I sure do like the sound of that!).

Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

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