Monday, April 23, 2012

Frisbee Painting

For a date night last week Joey and I decided to do one of the projects I did in my Art for the Young Child class. Basically, you tape a piece of paper to cardboard, drip dots of watered down paint on the paper, and then throw it like a frisbee! Simple enough and nothing fancy, but we thought it'd be fun, especially since the weather was gorgeous and its a great outdoor activity. We decided to use an actual frisbee instead of cardboard, so I cut paper circles for our "canvas". Then we just dripped and tossed until we got something we liked!

Pretty fun, huh?


  1. so much better than regular spin art!

  2. Especially when you add the drips and letting the paint run. I also pushed the Frisbee into the grass to get some texture:) Pretty fun:)

  3. Ohhh fun!!! I was wondering what to do with all the paper plates I found in out craft supplies! Stay tuned for pics on FB!


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