Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Did It.

We ran away.

Well, for a weekend.

As many of you know, Joey and I are beyond done with school, Lexington, and being engaged, and feeling quite burnt out. And last week it was really getting to me. Well, we decided Wednesday that on Thursday night, we would go to Joey's ASME dinner in Lynchburg, and then simply get in the car and just drive to Virginia Beach in the middle of the night. We only told our moms and our roommates, and then escaped as fast as we could.

What We Did:

  • Stopped at Wendy's for a Jr. bacon cheeseburger and root beer at 12:30am as we made our way to VA Beach.
  • Enjoyed the 80 degrees and sunshine on Friday.
  • Totally loved the seagulls hanging out in the parking lots (even though they're dirty and obnoxious).
  • Ate pho and spring rolls at Pho 78, Joey's favorite Vietnamese place.
  • Got blown around by the crazy wind quite a bit.
  • Played with puppies, got my wedding makeup at Sephora, and drank peach Boba at the mall.
  • Enjoyed Chanello's Pizza (a VA favorite) and a movie with Joey's dad, Jeremy, and Alex, and also played with Jeremy's albino pet rat, Boo.
  • Stopped by Bonefish Friday night to have appetizers and catch up with Joey's mom.
  • Cuddled up and watched Thursday night's episode of the office and shared a pint of vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Had my first fresh Krispy Kreme donut.
  • Went down to the beach (one of my must-do items when we go down there).
  • Found the rare pickle potato chips at a Wa-Wa (unfortunately for Joey!).
  • I saw a hermit crab for the first time and found a "Virginia is for Lovers" shirt (which I had to get before I left VA) at a surf shop at the beach.
  • Ate the famous lobster taco at Baja Cantina, a dive at the ocean front.
  • Enjoyed edamame, french fries with herbs and truffle oil, and parmesan chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and mushrooms at the swanky new Yard House
  • Found room in our stomachs for lemon raspberry and godiva chocolate cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory (which was also Joey's first time there).
  • Relaxed and watched Monster's Inc. on Sunday morning.
  • Mustered up the courage to drive back to Lexington and the real world. 
  • Saw blossoms on the trees in Richmond and smiled knowing spring is approaching.

We definitely ate a lot of food that weekend, but we like to relax by finding cool new restaurants or going somewhere we've never been before and trying some dynamite food. Its our thing, I guess! Even though it was short and we had to come back to real life, it was such a wonderful weekend and gave me the break we both needed to get through the rest of the semester.

And I just have to say, Joey is so incredible. He knew that I was down and unhappy and felt like I was suffocating here, and he decided to put his classes and projects on hold for a couple days to take me away and make sure that I was taken care of. I love that we always know exactly what the other needs to feel happier and more alive and are willing to do pretty much anything to make it happen.

I sure do love him!

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