Monday, March 5, 2012

I Paint.

I just mixed paint.
And it was incredible.

I took a watercolor class in the fall (turns out, I really dislike water color), but I haven't touched oil paint since senior show last spring. For that, I am embarrassed.
But tonight I dug out my paint and palette knives (and searched desperately for my bottle of liquin) and just started mixing. The moment I smelled the liquin and paint as I mixed and sculpted it with my palette knife was almost indescribable. I felt grounded, stable. I felt at home. I felt more like me. I immediately relaxed (the fact that I've been living alone for the past two days while my housemates are on spring break or working had been getting to me) and let that artistic therapy take over. Sure, this might sound silly--you're probably thinking that I smelled those paint chemicals too much. But I think that I got back to something that is really a part of me. It was like coming home to something I've always known. 

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