Thursday, March 8, 2012


70 days.


So far its been pretty fun--you know, planning your perfect, dreamy wedding, looking at blogs, and collecting photos. But its officially stressful now. As in, I have now lost sleep to wedding plans and stress, its officially stressful.

I know every person who plans a wedding gets stressed and I'm no different, but it doesn't mean that I don't feel like pulling my hair out or crying any less!

Money is always stressful. It feels like we try to be as cheap and thrifty as possible, and yet things still add up.

To save money we had to cut down our guest list a lot. So of course I'm horribly nervous about offending people. And we still have a fairly large guest list, even after all of that. Joey and I have joked about hoping we have a small group show up so we don't have to pay for as much food (just a joke, not an insult to anyone), but we at least wanted our families there. I understand life happens, and I'm not mad (because what would that change?), but I'm pretty bummed out that most of my aunts and uncles and none of my grandparents are even coming. I mean of all of the people I would want there, I'd like my family to be there.

This week I've been trying some of the DIY plans I had....and they are flopping majorly. I tried these yarn globes that you make with balloons, yarn, and watered down glue, and it was just a big slippery mess. I'm sure I could get it down with some more practice, but the time and mess isn't worth it, especially when I planned on making big 18 inch ones to hang in the tent. I've also been spray painting bottles, tea cups, and cake stands I made, and those aren't looking as great as I had imagined either.

And you know what? I really wish I had my mom here to help me. Sometimes it stinks planning a wedding without your mom with you to help you get these things done.

Ok ok, I won't be a total downer. We did have a miracle last week: One of my good friends and her husband are going to make our wedding cake and decorate our reception for us for much less than we would've had to spend with a bakery and wedding coordinator. They are potentially saving us $600-1,000. Friends, you two are major life savers!


Joey and I are headed to Lynchburg today to get some supplies for the reception, and then tomorrow we are going to DC to meet with our caterer--and then on Saturday we are going to our good friend Charlie's wedding! Oh happy day! Hopefully that will help put all of this wedding stress in perspective. After all, when all is said and done, Joey and I just want to be married, and that's all that matters to us.

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