Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pho Fridays

After driving an hour to Roanoke just to have Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant, Joey and I have decided that we are going to make a tradition of Pho Fridays once we get to Charleston SC and have more Vietnamese restaurants close by. Pho is just the best comfort food, especially during cold months. And the best part is, its dairy and gluten free so your body still feels healthy and not sluggish after a big, hot bowl of it.

Some link love:

Want to know what Pho is?

Our favorite Vietnamese (and the only purely Vietnamese place, not some asian catch all) place in Roanoke.

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  1. Meg!! I am SO JEALOUS that y'all will be living in Chas. Did we already discuss this? Maybe I forgot. Is Joey doing Navy stuff? Nuclear power? I can't even remember what branch of the service he's going into--I promise I'll make up for it when I come see you next time I'm back in Chucktown. :)


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