Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Made a Movie.

All right friends.

So for a while now, I've been wanting to make more family videos---I just love all of the old VHS tapes we have from when we were itty-bittys. You know the ones! And I thought that having some little movies could add to our memory preserving efforts. Obviously I love using photos to document our life, but there's something about old movies--seeing people walk and move and talk and interact. It brings more life and context to a two dimensional, still image. And I want to preserve that for our family. So while we were in Boston I tried to take short videos of various places and activities to compile in a family movie.

Now, I'm no.....I don't know, who's a great film maker? Well I'm not them. This ain't no Oscar winning work of genius. I don't entirely know what I'm doing with the filming and the music and the whatnot.  In fact, I kind of feel like a little kid, exited and still nervous to show mommy my new drawing. But this little project is important to me and I want to get better at it. So I'm swallowing my pride (and some self consciousness and embarrassment) and debuting my first official home movie to remember our trip to Boston.

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