Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to the Big Apple We Went.

We planned for last Saturday to be our second and final trip to NYC while we're up here in Connecticut and decided that there could be nothing better to fill our day with than the Manhattan LDS Temple and a show on Broadway. We originally planned to just do a day trip, requiring us to wake up at three in the morning---but dang it, we were just plain tired of waking up early! So spur of the moment, we booked a hotel in the city and left friday night so we could sleep in and recharge for a fun day. Once again we took the train in from New Haven, but not without stopping by Shake Shack for dinner first!
Joey was very excited to go to the Manhattan Temple---but first, we caught a glimpse of the insane and  infamous cronut line at Dominique Ansel's Bakery. And we said "ain't nobody got time for that!" But anyways....The Washington DC and Columbia SC temples are the only ones he's been to (or at least I'm pretty sure...), and this one is quite a unique experience. If you're not really looking for it (or looking up) you can completely walk past it! Also, because of its double wall construction, once you're inside you can't hear a single truck or taxi cab drive by. Its certainly a sanctuary amidst the bustling city. And we both decided the gorgeous interior is definitely our favorite so far.
We managed to avoid the heavier rain showers, but the fog Saturday morning was fascinating to watch engulf New York's towering sky scrapers. 
After the temple we had a very short window to grab lunch and make it to our matinee. Lucky for us, when we got off the metro we stumbled upon some kind of street fair near Times Square and were able to snag some too-tasty gyros (with seriously the best lamb I've ever had) and lemonade with an ice cream cone to finish. Yay for random fairs!
We saw Once, you guys!
We knew we'd kick ourselves if we went back to Charleston without seeing a Broadway show, so we bit the bullet and splurged on the tickets. Luckily we got them through the military and scored second row seats (!!!) for a fraction of the cost. We also decided to see something different from the classics and went with the relatively new, based-on-a-movie, (not quite a) love story that is Once. And oh, was it worth it. I won't give anything away, but friends, I was crying like a baby through half the show. It was so beautiful and touched me in so many different ways, and when I noticed it was starting to end I would've paid even more for the actors to keep on singing. Now, I will say that this was our first time seeing a contemporary show that isn't really geared towards family, so I didn't even think about language being a problem. And they did end up having a.... fondness, for a particular profanity. So judge me if you want, but I just tuned it out and enjoyed all of the amazing music, talent, and emotion that the show had to give.
 I can't thank this guy enough for taking me to New York for such an incredible experience!
While we were at Once, we noticed the couple that was sitting next to us had a yellow bag from the giant M&M store in Times Square. So of course we had to go get some M&Ms for ourselves. I mean we can't just sit there and watch someone else enjoy all of that chocolate candy goodness and not have any of our own. And now that he had M&Ms on the brain, there was no way Joey was going to leave without them. That boy loves his peanut M&Ms. So we closed our economical eyes, filled a couple bags, and paid the million percent markup for our treat before heading to Grand Central and catching a train back to New Haven. 
And OK. Yes, we did have Shake Shack again for dinner. But we're not going to be anywhere close to one when we get back to Charleston so we might as well live it up now. We can't get enough of those shack burgers and peanut butter shakes!

So long, NYC. You're totally crazy and far too overpriced, but we can't help but like ya!


  1. Ah Meg, this looks like such fun! I wish Brandon and I could have taken trips like this before life got in the way! One day! <3

  2. Looks like so much fun. Its good to ehut those economical eyes every once in awhile!


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