Friday, July 19, 2013

Dates Like This Make Us Love it Here.

Last month I was sitting in out little hotel room (which I'm officially ready to get out of and back to our own apartment. If only that wasn't in South Carolina....) and caught a commercial on TV for this place---
So after Joey came home from work I convinced him to take me here for a mid week date, as well as a break from dinner at the hotel. I'm so glad we went because it turned out to be a great pick me up and a fun afternoon!
Seagulls, sailboats, little islands---this place is just flat out cute. We felt very...New England-y. Is that a thing?
The food and experience was just what we had been looking for. I don't know if we just haven't found them yet, but there aren't any cool little oceanside dock restaurants in Charleston, and when we go looking for seafood there, most of the time its fried or paired with southern foods and flavors. And southern food just isn't our thing. So being up here in Connecticut with seafood and flavors that we enjoy better has been really fun for us.
Obviously they're all about the lobster, but they also have some great oysters. Boy, those were some intense oysters! They were incredibly fresh, but the most briny ones I've ever had. Thank goodness for lemon and tabasco sauce for cutting through some of that saltiness. While I enjoy raw oysters, I think its one of those things I can only do sparingly. So after these ones, I think I'm set for a few more weeks!
This. This is what we really came for. We had been dying to find a good lobster roll! Now, such a task is apparently harder than we thought---see, most lobster rolls are like lobster salad on a bun, with lobster meat swimming in mayo and all that. What we wanted was a hot lobster roll. Its warm lobster, butter, sometimes some herbs, and a grilled roll. That's it. And its beyond tasty.
After we ate we stood on the edge of the dock and fed our left over oyster crackers to the giant fishies swimming below---Abbott's actually encourages it! A pretty nasty storm rolled in as we were finishing up, bringing too much wind for my copious amounts of fine, tangle-prone hair to handle. Luckily we got in the car before the torrential rain began--so glad we opted for an early dinner!
I can't help myself, this gave me a good chuckle. 

Thanks Abbott's for a great New England dinner!

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  1. I am absolutely obsessed with your blog!! That food looks so yummy!


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