Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey, Its Christmas Time!

Last weekend we got our first family christmas tree!

Originally, we planned to go to a tree farm and cut one down ourselves because I loved doing that when I was younger. But instead of driving half an hour to pay almost 100 bucks for a tree, we just decided to go across the street, get a tree from Food Lion, and use the money we saved for a date instead! And we were really surprised--for a tree that came from Food Lion, it actually looks pretty darn good!

Another plus: because we literally just had to drive across the street to get it, we could just stick it in the trunk instead of tying it to the top of the car and potentially scratching it--which Joey wouldn't have been too happy about!

Naturally, Marley started investigating as soon as we brought the tree in, walking around it and rubbing her nose on any branch she could reach.

And eventually she climbed in it, of course.

The next night, Joey and I put on my favorite Nat King Cole Christmas album and set to decorating the tree! Lucky Joey got to put the star on top. 
We wanted to start a tradition and get ornaments characteristic of where we live at the time (the life of a military family!), so we got a palm tree wood ornament from the Historic Market in Charleston.

And there she is!

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