Friday, December 7, 2012

Marley Lately

Every day is definitely an adventure with this feline! She is always more spunky and energetic today than the day before. And while sometimes she makes me want to rip my hair out (like yesterday, when all she did was sprint all over the house, knocking stuff over and attacking the Christmas tree. Literally, all. day.), she always does the silliest things that I can't help but love her for.
So, here are some of the things she's gotten herself into lately---Matt-Man, this one's for you!

Her new lounge spot. Makes brushing your teeth a liiiittle tricky.

Yeah, don't know how she swung that one...

 Her new stalking spot. And of course she messes up the presents every time she jumps out to attack her prey. And by prey, I mean our toes or the draw string on my sweatshirt.

 I know I know, don't feed your pets human food (which I may or may no scold my dad for doing with our dogs all the time...), but we had finished our dessert and set the empty container beside us while we decompressed with an episode of Community, and I guess that leftover marscapone was just too tempting for that kitty! And then when she got it in her whiskers? Too good. We're still just so surprised at how much human food she actually likes--my family's cat, Mittens, is so picky, and usually she won't take it even if you offer it (or at least thats how it used to be)! But Marley? She loves it all. We're pretty sure yogurt is her favorite---she goes absolutely nuts for the stuff! We can barely take a bite from our bowls of yogurt before she's trying to stick her head in it.

And then there's this gem. I don't even know how I caught this, but it makes me laugh every single time I look at it. Really. Every time.

Here's to another day with this crazy fur ball!

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