Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Its Finally Here!

Hello everyone!

Well folks, after working for a few weeks and teaching myself a little HTML, I've finally finished revamping the blog for mine and Joey's new life together!

So take a look around, share with your friends, and make sure to update the new web address in your list of favorite blogs!


Joey and I just took a vacation to Virginia Beach so we took a little blog break, but look forward to new posts, including more yummy food and recipes, adventures, projects, and other fun things we've been up to! But in the mean time, here's one of my favorite photos from our vacation--aren't these the most beautiful and colorful radishes?


  1. I love it! My blog needs some serious help. Yours is totally inspiring!

  2. wow Meagan, you take wonderful photos. Such rich colors and textures of the arrangement of the food. You truly have a gift for photography. Im sure your a wonderful cook as well. Nothing is more meaningful and fulfilling than to be able to nourish your family through food. That's something I truly miss, especially since as I'm sure you know my husband died shortly after his retirement from the Navy, and now that Josh is a grown man and living on his own. Oh how I miss the blessing of feeding my family.

    Love, Aunt in Law, Sonja

    (I'd sign in under something other than anonymous but yahoo and facebook aren't listed)


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