Friday, June 29, 2012

That Thing Called Life


life is a crazy thing isn't it?

Boy have the past several days been crazy!

  • I accidentally deleted every photo I've ever taken in the past eight years. $100 and three days later, I have most of my photos back to sort through and organize. 
  • We had to officially send our kitten, Marley (story and photos to come!), to her temporary home until October. And yes, I did ball my eyes out. 
  • I had a stomach bug all Monday--which, if you know me, you know I'm a major wimp about stomach aches and vomiting. 
  • We had to go to Charlottesville and get my military ID card and continue to sort out all of that business (military people know what a pain Deers and Tricare can be!).
  • And the most delightful event: Wednesday morning our transmission in our only car pretty much kicked the bucket. We got it looked at on Thursday, and the only options were to either replace the transmission (which would cost more than the actual car), or get a whole new car. After spending nine hours at the dealership and lots of bargaining and number crunching, we were able to replace our car for a great, low price, and get a good protection plan that will help me if something happens when Joey is deployed. We're so glad it worked out so well, but boy it was a long day!

Obviously, there are worse things in life, but it was definitely an eventful and stressful week for us. But we did have some pretty great realizations too.
First, life is so much easier when you have an emergency fund. We have been saving as much as we can for emergencies, and without it, we wouldn't have been able to take care of the car issue. Sure, we didn't buy some new things that we would've liked to, and budgeting and only getting what you can afford is a humbling experience, but nothing feels better than having an unexpected expense and knowing that you have a way to cover it.
Second, its amazing how much better tough, stressful things are with a spouse. We don't think either of us could've managed the whole car situation without the other person. We help each other keep things in perspective and work through tough events without totally succumbing to the emotional stress. We're able to remind each other of the things that are most important and all of the things that are going right in life. It sure is so much better than facing things alone, and we're incredibly grateful for that blessing. All of this just made us love each other even more.

On another note--we got out digital wedding photos from our awesome photographers last week! We are loving them and can't wait to see the film photos as well.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's one of our faves from the wedding!

Have a fun and exciting weekend!

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