Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Super Week: Graduation

This was the day we were all waiting for--


We've been waiting for this day for a very long time--Joey even more so. Not only was graduating from VMI an incredible accomplishment for Joey, it also meant we could finally get married!

Though our so-soon wedding was a big part of the week and we were simply dying to tie the knot, Joey's graduation meant so much to us. He endured so much-- the Rat Line, marches and PTT, weekly parades in thick wool uniforms, early mornings, difficult engineering classes, tough professors, running on three hours of sleep every night for two semesters, working around a strict VMI schedule, and generally having a college experience like none other. Though I was only a part of it for two of his four years, I'm so glad I was able to be there for him and to support him, whether it was making him rice crispy treats, getting him toothpaste when he couldn't leave VMI himself, bringing him exam survival kits, or just being there to give him a kiss when he had a long day.  He truly worked harder than anyone I have known and has earned every good thing that's come from it.

Watch out world, Joey Fleshman is about to do great things!

And one fun photo for you all--

The weekend before the wedding, Joey and our good friend Jessica spent a few days making about 300  cookies from scratch for the dessert bar at our reception. Our freezer was literally filled with the tasty treats--and of course, some ice cream for when I felt like I was losing my mind!

Have a great Wednesday!

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