Monday, June 11, 2012

May Update: Preparing for Super Week

Hello friends!

My oh my, time does fly!

Thing have been busier than I expected--but! I am making time to get some updates on here. First, we've got to get back to the beginning of May and the lead up to Super Week!

On April 30th I moved in to our new apartment in BV. Boy it sure has been nice! Moving both of our things in was tiring (when is moving not?), but we love our new place. We are slowly making it feel even more like home.

Our first dinner together in the new apartment

After I graduated and moved, it was all wedding all the time. Sewing, cutting, gluing, printing, planning, and just generally being frantic trying to get everything done. Luckily for me, I had some awesome friends and a wonderful fiancé that helped me get everything finished.

The biggest project for me was finishing my wedding dress. In March my mom came down to help with the alterations, but there were still some things that had to be done to make it perfect. We started with:

No back, no sleeves, no lining on the top, a little too low, far too long, and a tad too big. So the weekend before the wedding (that's 5 days before the wedding, mind you!), I was working like crazy to finish the dress and fit it perfectly.

And because the fabric was getting bulky and my poor little machine couldn't handle it, I ended up having to sew most of it by hand. Oh, and if you don't know, I absolutely detest hand sewing. Boy did my fingers hurt for those few days! And my blood, sweat, and tears literally went in to the dress!

The other major project for the days leading up to Super Week was planning out the reception decor and getting it ready for our awesome friends Erin and Steven who set up the venue the day of the wedding. Since we couldn't decorate ourselves, we did tons of little mock ups and took pictures so our friends would know exactly what we were hoping for.

Well that was some of May--next up: Tuesday morning and the official start of Super Week!

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