Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend with Mom and Amy

Saturday afternoon my mom and sister, Amy, came down to Virginia to bring me my wedding dress! Since the store didn't ship dresses, my mom picked it up from the store in Cincinnati and was so kind to bring it down to me!

So now Mallory (who's getting married 12 days before me!) and I both have our wedding dresses! But hmmm, where to put them, because hanging on our closet door is not the most convenient..

Joey was busy at VMI with Breakout (he is so proud of his used-to-be rats!), but we were able to snag him for a late dinner at Niko's, the Greek restaurant in Lexington. Their flatbread and tzatziki sauce is to die for!
And of course we had to finish off our fabulous meal with a little ice cream from Sweet Things, a cute ice cream place in Lexington. Joey and I love our little Lexington gems, so it was great to show them to my mom and sister.

After church in the morning and a quick lunch on Sunday, mom and Amy had to head back to Ohio. It sure was nice to see them though, and I know they really loved seeing Joey again (they hadn't seen him since May). And hey! I have my wedding dress!

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  1. You two are adorable. T_T And I had no idea you had a blog! Joey's mentioned it numerous times, but I have a terrible memory. I'm not even sure why I'm not wearing pants atm. <:/


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