Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Very Lovely Valentines

Isn't Valentine's Day wonderful? Even when I was single, I never really hated it. There is always someone in your life that you can say 'hey, I love ya, and I'm so glad you're a part of my life'.  Well, for two Valentine's Days now, I've been blessed to have a special someone to just say 'hey, I love ya' to. I'm so grateful that I have Joey in my life. He is my best friend, my love, my confidant, my sounding board, my cheer leader, my everything.

Even though Joey and I like Valentine's Day, we don't love all of the commercialism and craziness that can go with it. We like to have a pretty low key day. No singing cards, no stuffed animals, absolutely no roses, no going out--just a thoughtful gift, a letter to each other, and a meal we cook together.

Joey did surprise me with some tulips--my favorite!
Joey got me a game of Phase 10 because we really like to play games together, but he also wrote something on every single card--yellows were things we love, greens were favorite memories, reds were things he loves about me, and blues were promises for our future. 

For Joey, I did a little inspiration searching and finally designed this print to hang in our future home. He loves that I design and paint and is always saying he wants me to design pieces for our home, and since Virginia is so special to us, I thought this would be perfect.
Lastly, I made him a batch of red velvet and cream cheese brownies for a little twist on one of his favorite desserts (recipe coming soon!).

And for today, we are heading off to Richmond to see the touring production of The Lion King! 

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