Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It Snowed Once.

Oh yes, we finally had snow in BV on Sunday. Besides a few flurries around New Years, this has literally been the only snow we've had. But you know what? I was actually a little salty about the whole experience. And heres why:

You see that? In less than 24 hours, four inches of snow pretty much came and went. Call me crazy, but I was actually frustrated when I walked outside to go to classes on Monday morning and saw that most of the snow had already melted. I mean what was the point?! All the snow did was give me anxiety about Joey driving back to VMI on Sunday night, and then make everything muddy and swampy come Monday. Sure, it was pretty for a little while, but in general, this snow just didn't deliver. What makes this even more bonkers is that the Saturday before, it was beautiful and 65, and by this Thursday its supposed to be sunny and 73. Uhhh, come again?

So winter, it was nice knowin' ya, but lets get the show on the road, ditch this fickle weather, and get to spring already!

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