Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Joey!

One of my favorite days of the year is here and I'm so excited to celebrate this guy today.

There is so much I could say about Joey, and I'm usually not shy about bragging on him round these parts, but if I could only say one thing, it would be this: Joey is truly a dream come true. He's kind, patient, quick to forgive. He encourages me when I'm not feeling very capable of cooking, parenting, painting, sewing, managing a home, and generally staying on top of life. He tries his hardest and never does things half way. He loves me even when I know I'm being difficult to love. He adores Curran and is a natural with him. He makes me laugh harder than I thought possible. He thinks the best of me. He's smart and intuitive. He helps me be a better person.

In short, he's everything I could've hoped for. I have these moments sometimes when I look around and realize so much of my life is exactly as I hoped it would be, from big things like the family I have and having the gospel in our home, to seemingly insignificant but enjoyable details like having a spouse who will try the different foods I want to cook or go on weekend road trips. And it really has all happened because I met him. I don't believe everyone has a soulmate, as in we're assigned to certain people. But I do believe that people become our soulmates, and that's exactly who Joey has become. I could be happy in a multitude of situations and life courses, but I know that the life I have with him is the greatest happiness I've felt, and I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So today, my darling, I'm so glad that you were born and have become the person you are. 
Happy 25th birthday Joey, and here's to another 25.

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