Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Curran is 8 Months!

The one time I actually get some photos together before the next month marker, our internet goes out over the weekend! Our little ray of sunshine turned 8 months old last Saturday and I can hardly believe it.

Curran is still a happy guy and is always eager to make new friends. He's really started to notice the pets lately and loves when he gets a chance to pet them (aka grab a fistful of fur) as they walk by. Watching Remy sneeze sends him into fits of laughter and Marley sitting on the table (really, thats it) is the funniest thing he's ever seen. Marley has come up to him to nuzzle his hand and purr, and Remy still checks on him sometimes when we bring him in the house--and of course, she's always ready and willing to give him lots of puppy kisses. And the pets have both been very patient and gentle with him when he pulls a little too hard. I always loved having pets as a kid and I'm glad Curran is already developing that bond with them.

Books are still one of his favorites but he's also taken a liking to our green silicone funnel so that's a go-to un-cranky-fier. He definitely has some busy hands these days and will grab anything and everything he can reach--and f he can't reach it he'll try to dive out of your arms until he can. What's  more, he gets upset now if he isn't able to have or see the object he wants. A little annoying, but hey, object permanence and all that. I've also got lots of little pinch marks on my arms and chest as he's tries to climb over me to get to the button on my sweater or my bangs or the couch cushion behind me. Its awesome to see him exploring and finding new things that interest him though. 

[We're still teething like mad over here, but no sign of those itty bitty pearly whites yet. His hair sure is growing though!]
[this happiness was because he saw Marley sitting on the coffee table]

Love you, little man!

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