Monday, January 6, 2014

The Little Bean is A…...

The results are in!
This morning we had our anatomy scan and found out that we are having a………………..


We are completely in shock! As many of you know, we were absolutely confident that we were having a girl, for many reasons. No matter how hard we tried to be open to the reality that it really could go either way, we felt like the baby just was a girl and all we could see in our minds was a girl. 

Last night as we got ready for bed and talked about how nervous we were to see if our inklings were correct, I told Joey "Ya know what? Its gonna be a boy. I just know it. Because nothing in life has ever gone the way I think it will, so of course its going to be the opposite of what we think!"

So when we had our ultrasound and saw his….manhood (which he proudly displayed for us), all we could do was laugh--shoot, we're still laughing every time we remember, "son of a gun, we're having a boy!". Surprised as we were, we are so, so excited and happy. Its crazy to actually know what our baby is---its not just little baby, its little baby boy. And more importantly, baby is doing great, developing just the way he should all the way down to his ten itty bitty toes.

See you in 20 weeks, little man!


  1. Weeeeeeeee, that's so exciting! :) My friend thought she was going to have a girl as well but I just couldn't see her with one...He was a boy ;) They're the best! Congratulations :)

  2. My dad for weeks was talking about his granddaughter and I told him then he was jinxing it! After the ultrasounds he would talk about how much he looked like a girl, so apparently my baby boy has a girlie face :) When we found out, we were really happy it was a boy! The gender just doesn't even matter when you've been waiting so long :) Boys are awesome fun!


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