Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Italian Honeymoon---But First!

I feel like those reality TV show hosts that leave you hanging through each commercial break, but before we get to our fab trip to Italy, I've got something else to share. Even before getting to Italy, we had a little mini vacation within our vacation---incepti-cation? Eh, eh? Oh just let me have it!

In order to save as much money as possible on our flights, we decided to fly out from Charlotte NC (three hours from our home in Charleston) at 6am, and then have a 9+ hour layover in Chicago before hopping our flight to Rome. But lucky for us, O'Hare has a USO Lounge, so we were able to store our bags there and then hit the town for a few hours!

 We got to enjoy some gorgeous looks at the sunrise as we left Charlotte--Chicago, here we come!
 I want one of these giant flower pots. so. bad.
 We didn't have too much time (because I'm kind of a freak about making sure to get places on time, especially getting to the airport with plenty of time to get through security), so we decided to go to Cloud Gate--hooray for free fun! 
 Kiss kiss on the cheek! And look at that gentleman, carrying my clutch so I can wield the camera. What a guy!
 Wanna play Find the Fleshmans?
Joey also did some yo-yoing at the bean---and even gained a new pint size friend
 Next we set out to find lunch at Portillos, a restaurant my mom actually worked at once upon a time and that makes a delish Italian beef sandwich---this one's for you, ma!
 Oh boy. 
It may be humble, but it is mighty in flavor. Oh, that yummy, meaty, flavor.
After Portillos we made our way back to the airport, back through security, and back to the USO Lounge where we snacked on some free PB&Js and butterfingers, laughed our way through Tina Fey's Bossypants, and rested up before our long flight to Rome and our exciting adventure!

More tomorrow, as I continue to wade through our 1300 photos!


  1. Could you two BE any cuter?!?! Beautiful pictures!

    1. Oh Whitney, you are too good for my self esteem!


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