Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, WA

We have not been as good about getting out to see things like we did before Curran was born---I love the little guy but boy, he can curb spontaneity. I mean now we think about taking a day trip or doing some activity and then its worrying about nap time, will the drive be too long for him, making sure there's enough bottles and diapers, what if he's cranky from teething....and soon enough its not hard to say "eh, its just too much, its probably best if we stay home". And honestly I know its being built up to be more trouble or effort than it might actually be, but I know its kept us from other outings. 
But last week we said, "we need to explore, darn it!" We don't know how much longer we'll be in Washington and if we keep saying we'll do it next year, that opportunity might never come. So we carpe-d that diem and planned out a day trip to Mt. Vernon to see the beautiful Tulip Festival.

There are two farms that participate but we decided to visit Roozengaarde. They have a cool history of being tulip growers in the US and Holland since the 1700s--and they did not disappoint.
 This is how Curran likes to give kisses these days. He's so cute, I'll take 'em.
 Curran loved trying to grab the big tulip petals
 After just walking around the garden Curran fell asleep, which was actually kinda mind blowing--we can't remember the last time he fell asleep in the wrap while we've been out an about. If you know Curran you know that he is a very busy, attentive boy and is always watching everything around him, so we were quite surprised.
 One lone red tulip got lost! And man, those storm clouds were crazy, but luckily they didn't get too close and we were dry the whole visit.
 Love love love when the little guy wakes up and gives those sleepy, cheesy smiles.
 Those giant tulips were as big as he was!
Curran's been working on his walking and getting better every day! After seeing the fields we let Curran crawl around on the grass. Between the car and ferry rides and being held at the farm he needed some time to get his wiggles out.
Big heart eyes.

Boy, I'm so glad we decided to take a trip north to see the famous tulip fields. The flowers were beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the trip was wonderful. Watching Curran grow older and show excitement for new things brings us so much joy as well. Love that baby boy of ours!

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